Thursday, October 21, 2010


Auto-deployment is a method for quickly deploying an application to a stand-alone server (Administration Server) for evaluation or testing. 

It is recommended that this method be used only in a single-server development environment.

If auto-deployment is enabled, when an application is copied into the \autodeploy directory of the Administration Server, the Administration Server detects the presence of the new application and deploys it automatically (if the Administration Server is running). 

If WebLogic Server is not running when you copy the application to the <DOMAIN>\autodeploy directory, the application is deployed the next time the WebLogic Server Administration Server is started. 

Auto-deployment deploys only to the Administration Server.

Auto-deploy an archived or exploded application

copy archive file or exploded directory to the /autodeploy directory . WebLogic Server automatically sets the application’s deployment mode to stage mode.

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