Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creating weblogic domain template using weblogic template builder

Domain templates are used to create(or extend weblogic server domains) with pre-configured resources such as JDBC, security realms, external libraries, log4j components. 

So when you create new domain you do not need to go to server console and create resources such as data source, etc.  While creating domain by using template you will have those resources configured already for you.

Lets say, you have a team and you like everybody to have same configuration, then create a template share with the team. Even it is very much useful if you have new member in the team.

1]. Go to $WL_HOME/common/bin & run config_builder.cmd ( Win ) , ( Unix/Linux )

2]. Click on "Create a Domain Template"

Select template name & location and click on next

Select "Select a template" , select "Basic Weblogic Server Domain" option and next

Select default and next

Enter username and password for your domain

Add the resources from your existing domain to the new domain you are going to create, next

Select your database, next

 Enter you Admin Server name , listen address and port, next

 Select Next

Select Next

Select Next

 Click on Create Domain

Now, Run the domain creation wizard and during prompt select domain source, select your above created template.

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  1. Sorry I did not get you. Can you please explain in more detail. Sorry, I am new to this hence the question