Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to change admin console /console context

How to change admin console /console context

1. Login to weblogic console

2. Click on your domain name on left hand side

3. Select Advance option under Configuration -> General tab on right hand side

4. Change "Console Context Path"  from console to other you want like dev

 5. Restart your admin server

6. Now access your admin console like http://<host>:port/dev instead of http://<host>:port/console

Reason why it's really required - 

If you have two different domain and you want to access admin console via proxy ( web server ) server then you don't have any option since both domain admin console will be accessed as /console. So you can change /console context like /console_dev1 and /console_dev2 and access via web server.

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  1. Pretty interesting one. Never knew of this option :)