Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to create user & assign Group

Sometime you required to create parallel Admin user with the existing Admin user so that in case if you missed the password for first admin user then you can login with the another one and reset the password for first one or sometimes you required to handover some user to monitoring or deployment team just for their specific purpose.

So here you go...

Log in to admin console

Click on Security Realms on left hand side

Click on  myrealm on right hand side

Click on "Users and Groups" -> Users tab & enter details for users

Click on created user name and then click on Groups tab 

Select and assign role which you want to give like, deployers for deployment rights only, Monitors for monitoring purpos only

click save

now logout and login with your created user to verify

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  1. HI, This is raghavendra,

    I want to know the how many types of roles, we can provide for a user