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Weblogic Server Patching : Apply Weblogic Patch

Weblogic Server Patching : Apply Weblogic Patch.

Apply Patch On Weblogic Server

BSU  or also called smart update utility a Utility (java based application)  provided with the weblogic server to apply patches.

You can find bsu script under ORACLE_HOME\utils\bsu\[|bsu.cmd] ( ORACLE_HOME earlier called BEA_HOME is your weblogic installation directory )

Important Note 

Earlier it was possible to login and download patches directly via bsu gui console but Smart Update patch and patch set download capability has been decommissioned by Oracle since June 10, 2011, it mean you have download patch from oracle support website first ( using your oracle credentials ), after that you have to place it under patch staging directory (which is ORACLE_HOME\utils\bsu\cache_dir by default ), and after either you can apply from BSU gui console or by command line.

1. Apply downloaded patch via Smart Update ( bsu ) GUI

1.1 Download respective patches from oracle support website (  ) and place under your $ORACLE_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir   

1.2 Go to your ORACLE_HOME\utils\bsu and run ( linux), bsu.cmd ( window )

1.3 If you haven't ran it earlier then you will be prompt for update, update the client by selecting   

1.4  Next below screen will come

1.5   You will see already applied patches ( if any ) under upper section ( under Default option )  
        and the patches you have downloaded and copied under ORACLE_HOME\utils\bsu\ 
        [|bsu.cmd] you will see under below "downloaded patches" section.

1.6  Click on button ( with green upper arrow ) on front of each listed patch one by one, you will     
       prompt for some option, select ok, once patch applied you will see that will move to under   
       upper "Default" section. 

you are done!!!!!

2. Apply downloaded patches using Smart Update Command Mode

1. Go to cache_dir under ORACLE_HOME/utils/bsu

     Default patch directory is $ORACLE_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir 

2. Copy the downloaded patches under cache_dir

Execute the commands as below –

./  -prod_dir=WL_HOME  -patchlist=[NAME]   -verbose    -install 

Example -


./ -prod_dir=/opt/appsvr/product/wls_103/wlserver_10.3 -patchlist=SFF2 -verbose –install
Where WL_HOME=/opt/appsvr/product/wls_103/wlserver_10.3


bsu.cmd -prod_dir=D:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3   -patchlist=WDJ7  -verbose –install

Where WL_HOME=D:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3

To Verify Weblogic Patch : Verify weblogic patch 

Go to ORACLE_HOME\utils\bsu and run below command


./   -report


bsu.cmd  -report


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