Monday, July 18, 2011

Disable on-demand deployment of WebLogic console application

You often see the below message during access of weblogic console -

Deploying application for /console........

This application is deployed on the first access. You can change this application to instead deploy during startup.
Refer to instructions in the On-Demand Deployment documentation.

because weblogic deploy /console application at first access and this could slow the access of your admin console first time. disable the below parameter if you want deploy /console app at startup of admin server instead of during first access.

  • Log on to the WebLogic console,
  • Click on your domain, e.g. base_domain,  in the left navigation bar in the WLS console,
  • Open the Configuration tab and then the General sub-tab,
  • Deselect the checkbox labeled Enable on-demand deployment of internal applications, and

  • Click on the Save button.
now restart and access your admin console, you will not see that message again.