Friday, November 23, 2012

How to check weblogic server version

How to check weblogic server version

You can verify weblogic server version using any of the method described below - 

1) Check server log file for below entry

2) Use weblogic.version command

Go to your_domain/bin
run setDomain.[cmd][sh]
run "java weblogic.version"

3) Use -verbose to get subsystem information

4) Using weblogic.utils.Version command

java weblogic.utils.Versions

5) Check registry.xml file under your Oracle_HOME ( earlier BEA_HOME )

6) Using WLST

Go to wlst prompt
    Go to your_domain/bin
    Run ./setDomainEnv.[cmd][sh]
    java weblogic.WLST
    wls:/offline> version
    'WebLogic Server  Fri Apr 1 20:20:06 PDT 2011 1398638 '

7) If you have access to your admin console, then you would able to see there also 

8) Check file under WL_HOME


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