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Weblogic Server SSL, Keystore, Identity and Trust, Public and Private Keypair

Weblogic Server SSL, Keystore, Identity and Trust, Public and Private Key pair, CA ( Certificate Authority )

Basic Concepts Related With Weblogic Server SSL Configuration

SSL, secure your data over internet

SSL ( secure socket layer ) is all about the security of data transfer or exchange between applications over the internet, or you can say to secure your confidential data between your web browser and application you are going to connect  by preventing man in the middle attack ( means theft of your confidential data over the internet when you transfer or exchange data between web browser and application hosted on some server ). For example, if you are using any bank website over internet with your login credentials then you have to be make sure on you are passing login credentials on the respective bank website not on any fraudulent website also the other point will come to your  mind and also on which you have to make sure if your data is secure on travelling over the internet between your web browser till the desired application you are going to connect, for example the credentials you are passing on your online banking account reach from your system browser to the bank application hosted server.

So, the basic funda of SSL is to encrypt the data from your system browser till it reach to the respected application so that no can attack and stole your sensitive data over internet and even if stolen no one can able to read since it's encrypted. if you are using ssl enabled application then when you submitted your credentials then first those credential encrypted before transmitting over net, then transmitted and decrypted when reach to the application server. I would be going to discuss net how would we achieve all of this functionality.

Identity & Trust 

Two basic terms which deals on all above defined concepts or you first need to know if you are going to implement ssl are  - 

1. Identity
2. Trust

If you are going to configure ssl for you web or application server then it means you have to create and configure "Identity" and "Trust" for you application. Identity gives surety to the client that ok it's the actual identity or website you were trying to connect and "Trust" create the trust that ok it's fully trusted and your credentials are safe.

Keystore - Public & Private Keypairs

SSL is based on public key encryption, means the data encrypted at user browser level using public key before transmitting the data over internet and once encrypted data reached to the respective destination it's decrypted using only and only the corresponding private key.
"Keystore" or also you can say it "Identity" contain the public key, private key and self certificate. So, the first step for ssl configuration is create the "Keystore" or "Identity", it can be done using the keytool command shipped with your bundled java.

Private key is just like your private things which you need to be secure under you authority and access only, it exist at your web or application host level only and public key only distributed over users browser.

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