Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weblogic Server Deployment

Weblogic Server Deployment

Deploy war file

Access admin console


Click on Lock & Edit button ( If have production mode domain )

Click on "Deployment" option on your left hand side panel

Click on "install" option on right hand side, and next

Browse you application and select next

Select option install this deployment as an application and select next

Select your target server or cluster and click next

Select all default options ( or select according to your need like change application name with more significant text, deployment modes etc )

Select finish option

Click on activate changes ( if your domain in production mode )

Click on deployment, check your application box, click on start > servicing all requests

your application will come in active state ( of course if there is no issues with your application :) )

now go ahead and access your application

In my case, below is the screen

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